Yuri Torres Paes Tripodi

Salvador – BA, 1990

Trans-media artist, activist, insurrectionist, and unsubmissive, Yuri Torres Paes Tripodi works at the intersection of Performance, Situations, Dance, Experimental Theater, Video art, Photography, Fashion, Cinema, and Music. She holds a BA degree in Performing Arts (2016) and an MA from the Post-Graduation Dance Program of the Federal University of Bahia (2020).

In her trajectory, there are solo and group presentations, productions for galleries and festivals, as well as academic papers and research.

In 2014, she designed and realized the performative situation “Bikini Quadradão”, in Salvador-BA. The video “Bikini” was shown in more than 15 Brazilian cities, as well as festivals in  Bogota (Colombia), Mexico City (Mexico), and Dresden (Germany). Also in 2014, she created the situation and behavioral proposition “Ul-traje para Ocasiões Fúnebres”, in São Paulo.

Between 2014 and 2016, she participated as a dancer of the performance/dance “Macaquinhos” [“Little Monkeys”], presented at Galeria Vermelho and at Mix Brasil (São Paulo), at the festival Encontro de Artes IC – Interação e Conectividade (Salvador, BA), at Künstlerhaus Mousonturm (Frankfurt a.M., Germany), and at Kampnagel theater (Hamburg, Germany).

In 2015, she conceived the lecture performance “Guerra de Espadas” for the TedxTalks – Tedx Pelourinho. In 2017, she conceived and performed the video performance “Sociedade 100 Escolas”, in collaboration with VooTV. Produced for the Art and Theater Critique magazine Revista Barril, the video performance “Contratempo” was exhibited at the Performance Festival of Fine Arts of Bahia and was part of the show Mostra Nacional de VideoArte of the collective Filé de Peixe, in Rio de Janeiro.

Yuri Torres Paes Tripodi sees her art-making as a constant pulse of questioning and tensioning that originate in her experiences and research, always through a sociological, anti-colonial, anti-capitalist, and anti-systemic perspective. Currently, she is part of the framework of artists invited by Plataforma EhCho. She was also part of the festival Perpendicular em Casa – A Rua como Espaço Utópico [Perpendicular em Casa – The Street as an Utopic Space], with the performance-speech “Avanço Desmascara(n)do”, and published her first book, ‘O Corpo da Loucura na contemporaneidade: um Manifesto autoetnográfico’ [“The Body of Madness in contemporaneity: an auto-ethnographic Manifesto”].


“Bikini Quadradão” (2014). Conceived and performed by: Yuri Torres Paes Tripodi. Camera: Renata Nascimento. Editing: Diego Arvate. Duration: 04’03”. Available here.

“Sociedade 100 Escolas” (2017). Conception, performance, and sound effects: Yuri Torres Paes Tripodi. Direction and Executive Production: Edson Bastos. Camera Work and Montage: Henrique Filho. Direction and Production: Viviane Jacó. Production Assistant: Erika Moreira. Designer: Kaula Cordier. Duration: 02’ 46”. Available here.

“Softway of Destruction'”[original title in English] (2017). Conceived and Performed by: Yuri Torres Paes Tripodi. Duration: 12’ 12”. Available here.

“À Força que vem da Raiz” [“By Strength that comes from the Roots”] (2020). Duration: 02’ 31”. Direction and Script: Thaís DeMelo. Production: Thaís DeMelo and Pedro H C Matos. Photography Direction: Pedro H C Matos. Direction Assistant: Lara Arruda (Izzie). Script of the Performance ‘À FORÇA QUE VEM DA RAIZ’: Yuri Tripodi. Conception: Yuri Tripodi and Thaís DeMelo. Art Direction and Gallerist: Luiz Fernando Landeiro. Direct Sound: Márcio Ventura. Editing and Montage: Thaís DeMelo. Colorist: Pedro H C Matos. Wardrobe: Thaís DeMelo. Support: Maurício (Boca de Cena). Extract of the video ‘BRUJAS’, by Princess Nokia. All rights reserved to TANK PRODUCTIONS and BMI records, Creative Commons. Thanks to: Molduraria FastFrame. Support: @fastframesalvador @acervobocadecena @galeriapaciencia. The title of the video performance comes from the song ‘A Força que vem da Raiz’, composed by Roque Ferreira and masterfully interpreted by Mariene de Castro and Maria Bethânia. Available here.