Yná Kabe Rodríguez

Taguatinga – DF, 1992

Yná Kabe Rodríguez has a BA degree in Visual Arts from the University of Brasília and an MA in Contemporary Art from that same institution. As an audiovisual artist who moves through many mediums, she finds in improvised laboratories, research fields, and in situ actions the ideal environment for her investigation processes and propositions, which explore the limits between everyday life and artistic practice.

Yná Kabe Rodríguez’s artistic projects emerge from a practice that sees itself as diverse and indisciplined, and which creates poetic situations which transgress the hegemonic and genocidal discourses, as well as a disloyalty to the ideals of what can be considered art. “Understanding that the issues that traverse my works are simultaneously conversations between art and life. Proposing, therefore, that both can increase the other’s potential as well as tension my existence as a transvestigenere [trans-vesti-gender] artist, researcher, and curator”, says the artist.

Yná Kabe Rodríguez works and survives as an artist-nanny-curator-researcher, as she points out. She has also participated in many shows, more recently “Translation” [original title in English] (2020) at Guava Gallery, in Brasília, “Manicure Show: ascensão e queda” (2019) at Galeria Esponja, in São Paulo, and “Experiências ímpares” (2019) at Galeria Virginia Tamanini Vitória, in Vitória; as well as many performances, such as in 2018 with “Confronto de Banda: 300 (MHz)” [‘Band confrontation” 300 (MHz)”] at Caixa Cultural Brasília. She has also participated in art residencies at Retiro DA`Noiva (2019) at the Reino da Arte Church (ANOIVA), in Rio de Janeiro, and Avalanche/Revanche (2018) at the Gallery of the Alliance Française in Brasília.


“Informative Onça” (2019). Development and distribution of info about the situation of the travesti population in Brazil, flags, and banners.

“Exército do Amor” [“Army of Love”] (2016-2018). Installation of the series of color prints on foam sheets with screen captures of Tinder users.

“Lugar Secreto” [“Secret place”] (2019). Video art.  Art direction and Editing: Kabe Rodríguez . Original soundtrack: Matheus Vinhal. Duration: 14’ 47”. Available here.