Xan Marçall

Belém – PA, 1986

Xan Marçall is an actress, art-educator, art-activist of trans/travesti and HIV/AIDS causes, multi-language artist, and drama teacher. An Amazonian kaaboka, for the past 18 years, she has taken her ancestry as a starting point to develop research about images and imaginaries of her region.   

She has a teaching degree in Theater and promotes intersectionalities between fiction, dramaturgy, poetry, essays, illustration, performance, dance, and puppetry, having worked with children and adolescents in formal and informal educational settings since 2006. Both her poetic as well as her academic work have revolved around the preservation and culture of the Amazon. She is a member of Coletivo Das Liliths, an art collective with pioneering work in dissident and gender and sexuality art,  and was also one of the people responsible for the first Brazilian stagings and plays about Xica Manicongo and Tibiras.

The series of digital drawings “PATUÁS” reflects her poetic and anthropologic investigation into “TRAVESTYS” ancestry in the Amazon. The poetic proposal that Xan Maçall puts forward with these works – which can be considered as enchanted amulets or magical artifacts – is one of “AVIVAMENTO, a call to our interior strength that empowers healing and new perspectives,” she says. And, for this process of discoveries and cures, the artist promotes the weaving of ancestral imaginaries with contemporary perspectives regarding sexual and gender identities, with a starting point in Amazonian epistemes and, therefore, of the peoples of Abya Yala.


“Iauara Etê” (2020/21). Digital drawing with mixed technique. 

“Topayós” (2020/21). Digital drawing with mixed technique. 

“Rio Pará” [“Pará River”] (2020/21). Digital drawing with mixed technique.