Vitória dos Santos

Florianópolis – SC, 1996

Vitória dos Santos is a visual artist and teacher with a degree from the State University of Santa Catarina. In her creations, she explores what is affection, love, and the condition of living in society and being a woman in a cisnormative conjuncture. “In my art, I try to bring what I’ve lived as a lgbT+ person. Nowadays, I focus a lot on my travestility, as well as in the archetypes that surround what it means to be a woman in societies and cultures of the world”, she says.

Since 2015, she creates visual poetry, joining her non-linear writing to a figurative symbolism. Her main tool is drawing, but she also makes video performances and photography.

In 2019, she dedicated herself to the production of “Fase Rosa” [“Rose Phase”]: a series of illustrations about her experience with love. It was precisely in that period that she claimed her identity as a trans/travesti woman. This inspired her to make the series “Pane Azul” [“Blue Breakdown”], through which she also questions what/how is to be a woman in a cisnormative society. “As an artist, my objective is to amplify the debate for the deconstructions in regards to gender and sexuality, affection, and participation”, analyzes Vitória dos Santos.


“Tod4s” [“All”] (2020). From the series “Pane azul” [“Blue breakdown”]: Red ink and gel pen on pink A4 paper.

“Cuidado” [“Be Careful/Caring”] (2019). From the series “Fase rosa” [“Rose phase”]: Red ink and gel pen on pink A4 paper.

“Poesia travesti” [“Travesti poetry”] (2020). Red ink and gel pen on Canson A5 paper.