Vitor Narumi

Mogi das Cruzes – SP, 1997

Trans person/BoyCeta, Japanese-Brazilian, and dyslexic, Vitor Narumi has a degree in Arts and is studying to be a sexologist.

Following the dynamism of the cybernetic space, they use the visibility of virtual performativity through their artistic actions, which are documented sometimes in video and sometimes in specific websites. In doing so, he aims to portray, in the cyber media, the presence of manual traces of a political and anonymous body.

With the multidisciplinary work “Mistério da Justiça” [“Mistery of Justice”] (2020), Vitor Narumi placed fictitious death certificates, and photos and notes of experiences of the nightlife into a cabinet file, typical of government offices. These documents could be handled by the visiting public and, now, can also be consulted digitally on the website in which the artist envelops the visitor in a parallel universe.

In their work “Calcinha Camisinha” [“Knickers Condom”], there is the purpose of discussing in the poetic field the negligence of public health officials concerning the body that is void of privilege in regards to STIs prevention in non-penetrative affectionate-sexual relations.

Vitor Narumi has participated in many shows, such as the recent “Estados do Corpo: Experiência e Presença” (São Paulo – SP, 2020) where he showed “Mistério da Justiça” [“Mistery of Justice”]; “Nosso Olhar é o Caminho” at Belas Artes Galeria 13 (São Paulo – SP, 2019) where they showed “Calcinha Camisinha” [“Knickers Condom”].


“Pega no meu Cu” [“Grab my Asshole”] (2017). 100 drawings of staples on paper. Dimensions: 15cm x 10,5cm.

“Calcinha camisinha” [“Knickers Condom”] (2019). Video. Art Direction and Editing: Vitor Narumi. Duration: 07’ 47”. Available here.

“Mistério da Justiça” [“Mistery of Justice”] (2020). Installation and interactive performance. Available here.