Violet Baudelaire

Jaraguá do Sul – SC, 1995

Violet Baudelaire is a transfeminist artist who, since 2017, has developed studies and artworks through in-person and audiovisual performances, paintings, drawings, and installations. Her works provoke contemporary reflections on gender, memory, transfeminism, transmisogyny, transphobia, affections, and decoloniality.

“My art is an aesthetic paradox because my goal isn’t to create something beautiful, since beauty and ugliness depend on the point of view of who is interpreting the artwork. Instead, I make art as a life and survival strategy in a society built to kill me. Art, to me, goes beyond simply expressing beauty; rather, I turn it into a constant political act, through which I can experience pain, resistance, conquest, loss, victory, humanity and inhumanity, beauty and ugliness. And then, suddenly, I’ve become art” says Violet Baudelaire.

She has a bachelor’s degree in Archeology with an emphasis in Archeology of Capitalism from the Federal University of Rio Grande, where she was also a grantee in the project Experimentos: Laboratório de Performance, Leitura e Escrita Criativa [Experiments: Performance, Reading, and Creative Writing Laboratory]. Besides being an artist, Violet Baudelaire is also a curator at the Historical Museum of the Public Library of Pelotas.


“A Fênix” [“The Phoenix”] (2020). Audiovisual performance. Direction, script, production, editing, and acting: Violet Baudelaire. Duration: 07’ 42”. Available here

“Ensaio sob a transmisoginia” [“Considerations on transmisogyny”] (2020). Audiovisual performance.  Direction, script, production, editing, and acting: Violet Baudelaire. Duration: 08’ 14”. Available here

“Queimando Papéis” [“Bruning Papers”] (2020). Audiovisual performance. Editing direction and poetry : Violet Baudelaire. Performances by AGaby Assusção, Luz X, and Violet Baudelaire. Duration: 05’ 14”. Available here

Youtube: Quem tem medo do Transfeminismo?