Victório Fróes

Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 1998

Victório Fróes – a transmasculine person and a child of the community of Vidigal – is a multimedia artist who, through various mediums, aims to transmit emotions and tell stories through the images he creates.

His artistic process originates from an internal state of restlessness that is soothed as the composition of the image takes shape, movement, and develops its own narrative.  

“My art takes many forms, but its essence might be the same: the impulse to investigate the truths in the contradictions inherent to human beings. I use video, photography, words, and, more recently, collage, to shake the structures that have crystallized in the collective unconscious – and therefore also in my mind”, says Victório Fróes.


“Trans Davi” [“Davi Trans”] (2020). Digital collage. 

“O bote” [“The raft”] (2020). Digital collage. 

“We’wah” (2020). Digital collage.