Uarê Erremays

São Paulo – SP, 1989

“A curious animal”, that’s how Uarê Erremays defines himself. He’s a self-taught artist whose matters are the body, bones, muscles, fat and fluid, movement; through his research in contemporary dance, (post-)pornography, and performance he investigates the outlines of existence, of self-naming, and the common state of passage through the world. The materialization of his creations takes shape as logbooks of journeys through time, and geographic and hormonal displacements, in writing and drawing.

Due to the urgency of self-publishing, since 2016 he directs the label Móri Zines through which he has been “digging out a space in the independent publishing scene, building himself up as an editor/designer of literary and image-based productions of LBTQ+ [sem o “G” mesmo?], fat and Black people”, he says.

Currently, Uarê Erremays composes the Slam Marginália which, with support from the program VAI from the SMC/SP in 2021, puts together the “Ateliê de Futuridades Trans” [“Studio of Trans Futures”] – a project of virtual residencies for poetic productions and self-publication.

“Since the beginning of the end of the world as it was given to us, I’ve lived on an island that is visibly sinking; I collect fragments of the buildings swallowed by the sea in order to build compasses and draw maps which guide us to the ooloi fate of exchange”, he reflects. Obsessed with circles, spheres, spirals, and spinning, Uarê Erremays walks backward in search of the fall and shapes shiny balls of sand and clay, small geoid models of this city that will sink.


“Aranha” [“Spider”] (2017). Black ink and instant coffee on paper. Dimensions: 15cm x 21cm.

“Tesão nas bicha” [“Make the bicha horny”] (2018). Diluted ink and gel pen on paper. Dimensions: 21cm x 21cm.

“Minoxidil” (2020). Ink on paper. Dimensions: 21cm x 21cm.