Rucka de Lacaia

Guarapari – ES, 1994

Rucka de Lacaia is a performer and singing poet. Through arts, performance, poetry, and music, her artistic creations consecrate testiculated femininities. Her blog, DELACAIA, works as a photographic and audiovisual collection of her whole production in the past years.

As an artist who explores other possibilities of civilization projects by fighting against cisheteronormativity, Rucka de Lacaia re-signifies her surroundings and socio-cultural values by incorporating into her artwork new protagonists, social orders, beauties, and uglinesses.

Using her own image and poetry, the artist challenges herself in raw experimentations, creating spaces to vent, and questionings and accusations, as one can hear in Carne & Ócio [“Meat and Idleness”] (2018).


“A Dança da Solidão” [“The Dance of Loneliness”] (2013). Series of digital photographs taken with a Sony Xperia E smartphone. Available here.

“E se Jesus fosse Travesti?” [“And what if Jesus was a travesti?”]  (2014). Series of digital photographs taken. Available here

“Vem lá do Sul – Renascimento Bysha” [“It comes from the South – Bysha Rebirthing”]  (2015). Series of digital photographs taken with a LG L40 smartphone with special effects made with a PET bottle. Available here.