Ralph Duccini

Paracambi – RJ, 1992

As a multimedia artist, illustrator, poet, slammer, novelist, actor, stage director, and tattoo artist, Ralph Duccini has a restless spirit. Through the questionings that their experience brings them, they have dedicated themselves to writing as a means of survival since they were thirteen years old.

They have published two books of fiction: “Dissonância Subjetiva ou o Ser e a Fumaça” [“Subjective Dissonance or the Being and the Smoke”] (Scortecci) and “Nas Margens do Azul” [“On the Edge of Blue”] (Metamorfose). They are part of the collectives @transpoetas, @slamdarampa, and they also are part of the editorial board of “toró” @toroeditorial magazine, for which they also do the covers.

With an academic background in Theater Direction from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Ralph Duccini has ample theater experience and, in 2017, they founded the interstate theater group Uivo Coletivo. In 2019, they worked at the Secretariat of Culture of the State of Rio de Janeiro, as an assistant at the Audiovisual Administration. They also act in the temporary collective Pandêmica Coletivo Temporário de Criação @pandemicacoletivo. Currently, they are the artistic director of Casa Uivo – the independent cultural headquarters of the collective Uivo Coletivo, located in Paracambi.


“Tarot” (2017). Watercolor, ink, and colored pencil on paper. Dimensions: 14,8cm x 21 cm.

“C.Corax” (2021). Digital collage.

“Vida e morte transeverine” (2020). Video. Text: Ralph Duccini. Edition: Ralph Duccini. Duration: 2´. Available here