Bruna Kury

Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 1987

Bruna Kury is an anarcho-trans-feminist, performer, and visual and sound artist. Her creations are traversed by issues of gender, class, and race, especially against the dominant, compulsory, heteronormative patriarchal cis-tem and the structural oppressions-class WARFARE.

Currently, she investigates sound and soundscapes in post-porn and the creation of object-based art, both stemming from her performance work. She also collaborates with the sound labels Monstruosas and Fera Livre.

Bruna Kury has participated in the art residencies Capacete, in Rio de Janeiro (2017), Comunitária, in Argentina (2018), Pivô Pesquisa Ciclo II, in São Paulo (2020). She was also part of the organization of the workshop Oficina Póspornôpyrata, in Fortaleza (2019).

She has performed many times, both in Brazil and abroad, such as in the festival Festival Anormal, in Mexico (2017), and in the festival Festival Libres y Soberanas (aka #Performacula- Fronteras-Cuerpas-Disidencias), in Quito, Ecuador (2020).

In 2021, in São Paulo, her work wa spresented in the exhibitions “o dia antes da queda” (curated by Clarissa Aidar and “a margem é mais larga que o vão” (curated by Talita Trizoli), as well as “Dizer Não” (organized by Adriana Rodrigues, Edu Marin, Érica Burini, and Thaís Rivitti).


“O arrebatamento da trava” [“The sudden taking of the trava”] (2017). Performance with Ventura Profana at the residency Residência do Capacete,  Rio de Janeiro. Suspension by Barriga Knup and Mandinga.

“Gentrificação dos afetos” [“Gentrification of affections”] (2021). Performance. Participation of Gil Porto Pyrata. Photography: André Medeiros Martins.

“A fronteira do corpo é o próprio corpo e/ou próteses” [“The borders of the body are the body itself and/or prosthetics”] (2018). Performance. Photography: Paulx Castello.