Priscila Froés

Porto Alegre – RS, 1989

Priscila Fróes works in the fields of Education and Visual Arts. Since 2018, she has been working as a teacher in the program of popular education TransENEM, in Porto Alegre, which is aimed at travesti women, transsexual people, and LGB people who are in socially vulnerable situations.

As a visual artist, she uses urban graphic art to promote discussions and reflections about the spaces occupied by women sex workers in the cities, as well about the reflections of the social vulnerability endured by them.

Currently, she lives in Glasgow (UK), where she is a grantee of the British government’s program Chevening (year 2021-2022), and pursues a master’s degree in Education at the University of Glasgow.


“Bela, competente e deprimida” [“Beautiful, competent, and depressed”] (2019). Photomontage and posters. Dimensions: 118,9cm x 84,1 cm.

“Hoje” [“Today”] (2020). Photomontage. Dimensions: 59,4cm x 42 cm.

“Sem título” [“Untitled”] (2018). Posters. Dimensions: 118,9cm  x 84,1 cm.