Ipiaú – BA, 1991

“PorcaFlor florescerá” [“PorcaFlor will bloom”]. 

A multi-artist born in the countryside of Bahia, PorcaFlor graduated from the School of Fine Arts of the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA) and was educated by collective experiences and autonomous spaces.

Transvestygenery, nomad, painter, urban disrupter, and tattoo artist, she uses art as action for transformation and identity, symbolic, and bodily affirmation. Through art, she also investigates gender erasures, racial dynamics, and sex-dissident poetics to access invisible, future, ancient, and ancestral knowledge.


“s/t” [“untitled”] (2019). Graffiti in the town of Arcoverde – PE. 

“s/t” [“untitled”] (2019). Graffiti in the town of João Pessoa – PB.

“s/t” [“untitled”] (2018). Street poster collage in the town of Serra Grande – BA.