Poppy Hoogesteijn Carpio

Valencia, Venezuela, 1998

A resident of Campo Grande (MS), Poppy has a BA degree in Arts from the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul (2019) and flows between multiple artistic mediums, especially drawing, painting, and digital art.

“Starting from a self-referential point, my art-making works as a form of expression and communication with myself and with the world. In it, I tackle my emotions, visions, and experiences – mainly related to body and gender – representing bodies that transcend the feminine and masculine categories as we know them, and creating the term “corpo asterisco” [“asterisk body”], a concept that refers to people who generate doubt as to which is their gender”, says Poppy.

In 2020, they curated the exhibition “Transitares” at José Otávio Guizzo Cultural Center, in Campo Grande (MS), and had two poems published in “Cromossomos”, Mato Grosso do Sul’s LGBTIQA+ Literary Anthology.

They have participated in innumerous exhibitions, amongst which are “Entre Territórios” at the Contemporary Museum of Mato Grosso do Sul, in Campo Grande (coming soon); “I Bienal Do Centro Do Mundo” at Centro Municipal De Belas Artes [Fine Arts Municipal Center], in Campo Grande (2019);  “Magnéticos” at José Otávio Guizzo Cultural Center, in Campo Grande (2019); “Acidente #2” at Galeria De Vidro, in Campo Grande (2018), and “Descoberta: Construções Do Corpo Nu” at Galpão Casa 1 Cultural Center, in São Paulo (2017).

In 2018, they received the Prêmio Incentivo [Incentive Prize] in the category Print during the II Festival das Artes Plásticas [II Arts Festival] at Armazém Cultural in Campo Grande/MS.


“A Venezuelan Born-Seattle Native. A Mother Fucker” [original title in English] (2017). Acrylic paint w/o canvas. Dimensions: 40cm  x 50cm.

Untitled (2019). Oil on tracing paper.

“Corpus Christi” (2017). Digital collage. Dimensions: 42cm  x 29,7cm.