Paulo Bevilacqua

Carangola – MG, 1985

Paulo Bevilacqua is an artist, illustrator, and designer. He has a degree in Product Design from FUMEC University, as well as a degree in Visual Arts from the State University of Minas Gerais.

In his hometown, he worked in the Social Work Center CRAS, where he gave art classes to children and adolescents. He also gave painting and drawing workshops in public and private schools. Since 2016, he has lived in Porto Alegre, where he teaches children and adolescents in his studio.

Paulo has shown his works in Brazil and abroad. In 2018, his print “Aula de Ballet” [“Ballet Class”] was selected to the II Biennale Internationale de L´Estampe de Dreux (France) and it was also shown in Laguna Paiva, in Argentina.

The artist works by telling stories with charcoal, metal printing, oil painting, water-based techniques, and digital mediums. Madness, ruins, urban degradation, diversities in bodies, and faces that he comes across in his everyday life are frequent themes in his works. 

Paulo is also the creator – along with the programmer Daniela Andrade – of the projects Transempregos (aimed at helping trans people join the workforce) and Transerviços (a trans-inclusive network of services).


“FTM – Família Tradicional Mineira” [“TMGF – Traditional Minas Gerais Family”] (2015). Vector, manipulated photography, and digital painting. Dimensions: 25cm x 30 cm.

“sem título” [“untitled”] (2020). Vector, watercolor, ink, collage, and digital painting.

“Ruídos no Silêncio (autorretrato em isolamento)” [“Murmurs in the Silence”] (2020). Sanguine pencil, watercolor, digital painting and manipulation.