São Paulo – SP, 1985

Panamby has a BA degree in Communication and Body Arts from the Pontifícia Universidade Católica of São Paulo, and an MA and Ph.D. in Arts from the State University of Rio de Janeiro.

Their creations employ multiple audiovisual media and supports, such as their own body and writing. For more than 12 years now, they have dedicated themselves to academic research, art education, and performance.

With a background in body arts, and using that as a point of political, aesthetic, and poetic strength, Panamby seeks, through their original works and actions, to deal with the psychophysical limits related to practices of body alterations. “My work is an autopsy to retrace paths of reencounters. Blood, pulse, saliva, sweat, flesh. Even when I write, I do it with my body in a free flux of fluids, which I speak. It’s a dedication to the body that streams with responses, revolt, and life itself. And there were many years of a body shot, captured, and violating violence”, they say.

With the experience of maternity/transternity, they started to investigate processes of self-care and sound performance, such as in “Rebentações” [“Breaks”], presented at the Goethe-Institut of Salvador (BA) in 2018.

Since 2016, they’ve lived in São Luís (MA) and currently develop experimentations with electroacoustic instruments and sound recording equipment, crossing them with their processes of body alteration, ritual performance, and maternity.

Panamby has extensive experience as a professor at the Art Institute of UERJ, which includes presentations, art residencies, curatorships, publications, and promotion of cultural and academic events, such as the festival Festival Multigênero de Arte Bem-me-Cuir of the Art Institute of UERJ.

In 2019, they traveled the country with the project “Palco Giratório Sesc”, giving performance and writing workshops, and promoting discussion forums for racialized and gender-dissident people. Since 2020, they have been a part of the platform Lança Cabocla (CE/MA/BA).


“MOVIMENTO #3 dequitação (reparir)” of the serie “Rebentações” (2018-2019). Program “Flexões Performáticas” of Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, São Paulo. Photo by Verônica Pereira. Duration:  1h  9”. Available here.

“A Sagração de Urubutsin” (2013-2016). Performance by Panamby and Filipe Espíndola. Photo by Jesus Chuseto.

“OráCulo OCO” (2014). Performance by Panamby and Filipe Espíndola in Ateliê de Performance –  Instituto de Artes da UERJ (Rio de Janeiro). Duration: 3’ 59”. Available here.