Natania Borges

Salvador – BA, 1991

Natania Borges is a singer, composer, actress, and cultural producer. Originally from Fazenda Grande do Retiro (Salvador – BA), she has a Master’s degree from the Federal University of Uberlândia, and she also dedicates herself to photography and performance, as well as being one of the organizers of Zureta – Uberlândia’s mini-festival of Black and LGBTQIA+ art.

As a Black trans woman, the artist brings to her work the challenges faced by marginalized bodies, who are subjugated in terms of affection, professional development, sexuality, and in ancestral heritage.

Due to her defense of the rights of civic bodies for their freedom, resistance, and representation, Natania believes that art activism is a powerful weapon for social and political transformation. And, for this, she uses her body and her voice – especially in her self-portraits and performances – so that these bodies’ spaces are conquered by right.


“Filha parida” [“Birthed daughter”] (2019). Self-portrait.

“Nascente” [“Source/Spring/Dawn/Birthing”] (2018). Performance in Uberlândia. Photography: Thaneressa Lima.

“Porto” [“Port”] (2020). Performances in Uberlândia and Salvador. Photography: Dardania and Natania Borges.