Mogli Saura

São Paulo – SP, 1987

Mogli Saura is an experimental and co-dependent artist. In her performative creations, she explores fields such as staging, body art, post-porn, soundscapes, and dance (the latter, a result of many courses that she has taken in Contemporary dance, Afro dance, and especially Butoh). However, the axis of her “trans-disciplinary” research in Visual Arts lies in ritual performance. In it, the ordinary is celebrated, dignified, and treated poetically and creatively – without losing, on the contrary; enhancing, all of the political density that inhabits reality.

Since 2006, the artist has experimented and investigated interventions in urban spaces from the starting point of the boundaries between art and life, madness and crime – and its categorical-structural relations of gender and class. She has participated in the body of collective initiatives such as Coletivo Coiote, Anarcofunk, and NúcleodeCaos. Her urban intervention “Prostitución Xamanica” was presented internationally, in many Mexican cities, as well as in the collective exhibition “Millionaires can be trans // You are so brave” at the Schwules Museum (Gay Museum) in Berlin, Germany.

In 2017, Mogli Saura started dedicating herself to eco-intersectionality in order to, through a cartographic process of practices such as permaculture, agroecology, and ecosophy, obtain the fundamentals for artistic, anti-capitalist, marginalized, and dissident movements which she incorporates into her performances.

In 2021, with the performance “Anti-Projeto Anarco Fake” [Anti-Project Anarcho-Fake] she has participated in the festivals TIMEPIECE A Live Speaking Clock (Berlin), the Second Festival of Casa Chama -Transversalidades (São Paulo), and the event “Mulheridades”, on the occasion of the celebration of the Black, Latin-American, and Caribbean Woman Day, in São Paulo. She is also publishing her first book, a collective publication with Bruna Kury, Pêdra Costa, Linga Acácio, and Monstra Animalista through the publishers Fera Livre and Monstruosas.


“Anti-Projeto Anarco Fake” [“Anti-Project Anarcho-Fake”] (2021). Performance at the Second festival of Casa Chama -Transversalidades (São Paulo). Photography: Rafa Kennedy.

Photoshoot in Rio de Janeiro (2012). Images: Claire Alice Jean.

“Prostituição Xamânica” [“Xamanic Prostitution”] (2014). Original permormance series and urban intervention in Ciudad de Mexico (Mexico). Images: Izul Ipês. Duration: 01’13”. Available here.