Marine Bataglin

Colorado – PR, 1999

Marine Bataglin currently lives in Porto Alegre, where she studies Psychology at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul and has a research scholarship in the Gender and Sexuality Research Nucleus (NUPSEX).

Through her photography, the artist produces images as a form of visual documentation and celebration of dissident narratives – her own as well as those of other trans people around her. “As a subject of dissident gender born in rural Brazil, the possibility of experimentation of bodies in alliance is something to be celebrated and documented, these are narratives that deserve to be remembered in times of instability and of tightening of gender norms”, Marine Bataglin says.

The choice for using the medium of analog photography reflects her thinking that, as it happens during the process of psychoanalysis, the memories/images of the film remain hidden until they are revisited/developed through someone else’s mediation.


“Pedra Preta” [“Black Stone”] (2018). Photography with digitalized 35mm film.

“Luigi em São Paulo” [“Luigi in São Paulo”] (2019). Photography with digitalized 35mm film.

“Paula e Neiss” [“Paula and Neiss”] (2018). Photography with digitalized 35mm film.