Luz X

Suzano – SP, 1998

Luz X (who is a Black travesti) is currently pursuing a teaching degree in Arts from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (FURG), with Academic Mobility at the Federal University of the Reconcavo Baiano (UFRB-2020). She was granted a research scholarship at the Nucleus of Indigineous and Afro-Brazilian Studies (NEABI_FURG, 2019), as well as in the Projeto Caminhos Negros da Cidade de Rio Grande [Black Paths Project of the City of Rio Grande] (RS), at the Programa de Iniciação a Docência [Program for Introduction to Research and Teaching] (PIBID-FURG, 2018/9), and at the Núcleo de Pesquisas Diálogos nas Artes Visuais [Nucleus of Research-Dialogue in Visual Arts] (FURG, 2020/21).

Through the devices of performance, video art, and music, Luz X has been developing her creative processes through the aesthecization of religious, ancestral, and everyday memories. “BóIemanjá”, a performance that took place in the biggest beach in the world, in Cassino, Rio Grande (RS), is an artistic act the captures a sacred offering ritual to the orixá Iemanjá – as it’s already announced in its title: Bó-, which in Yoruba means ‘offering’, has, combined with Iemanjá, the meaning of “Offering to Iemanjá”. Through her aesthetic, visual, and sound experimentations, Luz X proposes a reflection on the “relationship between my body and the religiousness in the landscape, seen from the perspective of an experimental visual poetics.”

The performance “TRANSacralidade” [“TRANSacral”], on the other hand, happened on the outdoor train platforms of the Luz Station (in São Paulo), where she had her hair braided by her friend and transista (hair braider) Larissa Bittencourt and that was filmed by the video artist Lico Cardoso Neto. With this work, the artist seeks a cosmovision that allows travestis to be seen in a humanized way “to the point where we have privileges such as the access to the formal job market, family, positive affection, housing, education, and so many other rights which have been historically and still are kept from the transvestigenere [trans-vesti-gender] population”, she ponders.


“BóIemanjá – (2018). Direction: LUZ X. Editing and montage: LUZ X. Camera: Edvan Neves and Geraldo Gabriel Duration: 01’ 24”. Available here.

“TRANSacralidades” [“TRANSacral”] (2019). Direction and text: Luz X. Photography and montage: Lico Cardoso. Participation of: Larissa Bitencourt. Duration: 03’ 46”. Available here.