Levi Banida

Fortaleza – CE, 1996

Levi Banida presents herself as “a non-binary, non-monogamic, non-normative person. Erotic, destructive, affectionate. TRANS.” As an inter-artist, she researches the relationships between genders, performance, violence, inter-art, ecology, and creation. Currently pursuing an MA degree in Arts from the Federal University of Ceará, she is also a specialist in Art Teaching Methodology. Levi Banida has been teaching in public schools since 2017, as well as teaching in many NGOs.

She has founded many sociocultural and artistic collectives, such as Coletivo Pipa Azul (2014-2016); Coletivo Cabeça (2017-2019); Coletivo Debandada (2017-present day); Coletivo Non-Selected (2019-present day), and Grupo de Estudos em Criação e Dramaturgia [Drama and Creation Study Group] (2020-present day). 

In 2019, Levi Banida created the project Projétil Inúmeras, in which she digitally portrays the largest possible number of living trans people in Brazil, through short accounts for each person. Her goal is to present another image of what is possible for the trans experience in the country’s Northeast, distancing it from the patterns of suffering and torment. Some of the digital illustrations have already been shown in many exhibitions and initiatives. 

In 2017, she was awarded first place in the UN Brazil’s 1st Constest of LGBTI Posters, the prize Prêmio Inspirarte de Desenhos da Faber-Castel, and the LGBT+ Writing Contest of Ceará. Since 2011, her texts have appeared in 18 books and she has published academic texts in prominent publications, such as Climacom (UNICAMP), Askésis (UFRGS), and Conceição-Conception (UNICAMP).


“Quem são as Banidas do Fundo do Mar?” [“Who are the Banned from the Bottom of the Sea?”] (2019-2020). Photos by Mateus Falcão, Sidnei Maia, and Levi Banida.

“Inúmera #30 – Levi Banida e Matheusa Mel, Sopa de gêneros e a destruição de prédios” “Innumerous #30 – Levi Banida and Matheusa Mel, Gender soup and the destruction of buildings” (2019). Digital drawing.

“Inúmera # 26 – Persephone Roses” [“Innumerous #26 – Persephone Roses”] (2020). Digital drawing.