Jhullia Matos

Piracicaba – SP , 1980

With a degree in Architecture and Urban Planning from the Methodist University of Piracicaba, Jhulia Matos (1980) is a self-taught artist who works with digital art and paper mache. At thirteen, she began to study pencil drawing, and dry pastel and oil painting on canvas with artists from her hometown.

For Julia Matos, her art-making is an intrinsic part of her existence. The act of executing her ideas artistically is an inherent condition to keep on surviving and to make her existence a little bit more justifiable, joyful, and with hints of hope and freedom, as she puts it.

In the last twenty years, the artist has presented her work in many collective shows. A member of the Artist’s Association of Piracicaba (APAP) since 2015, she has been awarded in two occasions by that institution: with a Medal for Merit in 2018 for the paper mache piece “Adoração, Contemplação e Reverência” [“Adoration, Contemplation, and Reverence”], and with a Bronze Medal in 2019 for her digital artwork “Poesia sem letras” [“Leterless poetry”]. Both artworks were exhibited at the Pinacoteca Miguel Dutra, in Piracicaba.


“Poesia sem letras” [“Leterless poetry”] (2019). Digital collage and drawing. Adhesive on acrylic. Dimensions: 30cm x 60cm.

“Adoração, Contemplação e Reverência” [Adoration, Contemplation, and Reverence], (2018). Paper mache sculpture. Dimensions: 40cm x 30cm x 20cm.

“Linda do jeito que sou” [“Beautiful the way I am”] (2021). Drawing with tempera and collage. Dimensions: 30cm x 40 cm.