Jesse Bernardo

Itabirinha – MG, 2000

Jesse Bernardo – beatmaker and digital artist – believes we are all capable of producing something artistic and that such creations represent our characteristics and are a way to see the world in a different way.

Residing in the state of Rio de Janeiro, he has Frida Kahlo and Jay-Z as his main artistic influences, each one with their own history and impact on people.

In his digital drawings, Jesse Bernardo seeks to be as inclusive and expressive as possible; creator and at the same time receptor of the work of multiple artists. Through his artistic freedom, he surrenders and at the same time invests in his creative process with total self-confidence. For, as he says, “I’ve learned that art saves, consoles, or at least makes things bearable”.


“Rihanna” (2020). Digital drawing.

“Rastelado” [“Raked”] (2020). Digital drawing.

“Pós leitura” [“Post reading”] (2020). Digital drawing.