Born on the border between Minas and Bahia, JeisiEkê joins the mountains and dendê oil to create artistic processes that combine cure, memory, ancestry, and biopolitics in a sertaneja diasporic crossroads on the coast.

As an interdisciplinary artist, she navigates through the Visual Arts using mediums such as performance, sculpture, micro-films, writing, sewing, figurine sculpting, and face modification through make-up and organic or synthetic elements.

In 2021, she released the movie “Flutu_ação”, at the Cuir Filme Experimento festival, and her work was incorporated into Mutha (Transgender Museum of Art and History, Bahia)’s collection, with two ceramic sculptures. In that same year, she published images of performances in the magazine Hipocampo, curated the exhibition “Jikula o Messu- abre o olho” in the Futurismos ladino amefricanas platform, and guided the photo-performance laboratory “Estudos da intimidade” [“Studies of intimacy”], in the Escuro Fertil platform.

In 2020, JeisiEkê participated in the virtual collective exhibition Lacuna with the work “Silêncios cheios de urros” [“Howl-filled silences”]. In the previous year, she created the exhibition “Deformidades: outras monstruosidades possíveis” [“Deformities: other possible monstruosities”], showing ceramic pieces such as “Mapa da violência” [“Map of violence”] and the performance “Imuladar” – created to conclude the research cycle “Ensaios para a cura” [“Essay/Rehearsal for the cure”]. In 2017, she published poems in the poetry anthology “Profundanças 2”.

Currently, she lives and works in Salvador (Bahia), where she studies Arts at UFBA and maintains the CasaPallet studio.


“Mapa da violência” [Map of violence] (2018). Vitrified ceramic sculptures with copper and oxidized iron. Dimensions: 60cm x 45cm x 35cm.

“Wearable#1 Estranhamento” [“Wearavle#1 Estrangement”] (2018). Sculpture with paper, ceramics, plastic, and metal. Dimensions: 80cm x 35cm x 15cm.

“Imuladar” (2019). Performance from the research cycle “Ensaio sobre a cura” [“Essay/Rehearsal for the cure”]. Presented at the Museum of Art of Bahia, with the participation of Matheuzza Xavier and Kukua dada. Duration: 37’ 52”. Available here.