Gabz 404

Porto Alegre – RS, 1991

“I am Gabz. A trans body. A political body. An explorer at planetary and cellular levels. I look from behind a camera. An activist. An artist.” – this is how Gabz briefly defines himself. His art, which is characterized by its multidisciplinarity and expression of non-belonging, cannot be dissociated from his own identity.

Engaged in photography, video-making, editing, visual arts, writing, entrepreneurship, and social media, he considers himself an audiovisual communicator or an artist who creates but also uses his senses of empathy, listening, and sensibility to connect with others. He is passionate about nature and the human body, working mainly in the documentary and artistic fields. In 2021, he was prominently featured in an Itaú Cultural article on the new names in Brazilian photography.

He is the creator of “SerTrans”, a photography project of artistic activism that has the objective of exploring different experiences of transgender persons in Brazil, opening space for them to tell their own stories. In 2020, the project was awarded by Mídia Ninja’s  #ninjafoto open call. Gabz fights for representation in front of as well as behind the camera.


“Ser Trans” [“TransBeing/BeingTrans”] (2020). Series: Digital photography.

“Embodied Astrology” [original title in English] (2019-2020). Series: Digital photography.

“Subtle” [original title in English] (2019). Series: Digital photography.