Gabi Assusção

 Atibaia – SP, 1995

A visual artist and BA Art student, Gabi Assusção uses, in her artistic creations, drawing, painting, performance, installation, video, photography, and soundscapes.

Her poetics problematize racist, classist, and LGBT-phobic spaces. She brings, in her work, representations of Black and travesti women, making her Black and travesti body, as well as her experiences, a central aspect of her art.


“Untitled” (2019). From the series of paintings “Tons de preta”. Mixed technique on kraft paper 300 g/m².  Dimensions: 42cm x 21cm.

“Meu corpo é uma homem e um mulher” (2018). From the homonymous series of digital photography. Photography: Luz X. 

“Espelho que apresenta defeito” [“Flaw-presenting mirror”].  Art direction and Editing: Gabi Assusção. Text: Profiles from the relationship app Grindr. Participation of Violet  Baudelaire. Duration:0 3’ 43”.  Available here