Efe Godoy

Sete Lagoas – MG, 1988

When they/she were/was only seven, Efe Godoy had a palm reading session that would open their/her eyes: their/her artistic trajectory would be in constant flow. Since then, they/she knew that they/she’d draw a path outside of their/her hometown.

Today, they/she live/s and work/s in Belo Horizonte (MG), where they/she found the Guignard School at the State University of Minas Gerais.

Efe Godoy continued their/her education through various transformative experiences in artistic programs in Brazil and abroad, such as the grant Bolsa Pampulha (2015/2016), and the residencies at EAC-Montevideo (2018), in Uruguay, at Adelina Instituto (2018), in São Paulo, and at HEMIENCUENTRO (2019) of the Hemispheric Institute of NYU, in Mexico City. In 2016, they/she received the prize “Jovens artistas mineiros” [“Young artists from Minas Gerais”] from the Memorial Minas Vale (Belo Horizonte) and, on that same year, the grant Bolsa Pampulha from the Museum of Art of Pampulha.

They’ve/She’s had many solo shows, such as “Estranho Familar” (2019) at Celma Albuquerque Gallery, “Nomesmotempoquecrescemasplantasetodasascoisas” (2016), at the Memorial Minas Gerais Vale – both in Belo Horizonte – as well as collective shows, such as, “Verbo Mostra de Performance Arte” at Galeria Vermelho (2019), in São Paulo, and “Do que pode ser familiar” (2016), at the Divisão de Artes Plásticas de Londrina [Arts Division of Londrina], in Paraná.

In 2020, Efe Godoy was awarded the Acquisition Prize at the National Salon of Small Formats of Britânia (GO) and the Acquisition Prize of the Contemporary Art Salon of Ribeirão Preto (SP).

Regarding her audiovisual productions, she notes: “I’ve always liked to play telling stories, narrating facts! I continue playing to this day… my videos are an example of that. Their narratives happen naturally, uncut and sudden – in less than a minute, everything can happen.”


“Deitada (quarentena)” [“Lying (quarantine)”] (2020). Art Direction and Editing: Efe Godoy. Texts: Efe Godoy. Duration: 47”. Available here

“Ela podia ser (quarentena)” [“She could be (quarantine)”] (2020). Art Direction and Editing: Efe Godoy. Texts: Efe Godoy. Duration: 58”. Available here

“Lá dentro (quarentena)”, [“In there (quarantine)”] (2020). Art Direction and Editing: Efe Godoy. Texts: Efe Godoy. Duration: 57”. Available here.