Diana Salu

Brasília  – DF, 1991

Diana Salu is an artist, designer, writer, and publisher, as well as a “travesti and dyke – nothing very linear”, as she herself puts it.

The focus of her productions is in working the hybridism of mediums and genres with a gaze especially aimed towards poetry, drawing, landscape, memory and self-investigation, discovery and invention.

In her works, Diana Salu uses fragments of her lived experience with transgenderness and with lesbianism in a creative experience about revisiting, retelling, and inventing memory. Her small obsession with ruins and images of destruction are worked in her creations, such as in the series “Carcaças” [“Carcasses”] (2015)


“Antes e depois do fim do mundo” [“Before and after the end of the world”] (2020). Ongoing series of drawings; sanguine pencil on offset paper.  Dimensions: 15cm x 15cm each.

“5 movimentos / corpo-mundo” [“5 movements / body-world”] (2018). Installation and posters at the Ateliê Carlinhos Machado of the Instituto Memória, Arte e Cultura LGBT+ [Carlinhos Machado Studio of the LGBT+ Memory, Art, and Culture Institute] (Brasília – DF): Collage with photography and drawing.  Various sizes.

“Carcaças” [“Carcasses”] (2015). Series: Acrylic painting, plaster, and dirt on plywood.  Dimensions: 80cmx80cm (approximately).