Dante Olivier

Recife – PE, 1996

Dante Olivier is a young multi-artist who works by mixing and connecting many ways of making art and various mediums. His dance works, for example, dialogue directly with his drawings, paintings, and urban interventions.

As a trans man, the artist always deals with gender issues in his works, visually interpreting the transmasculine dilemmas both in society and in himself. “My art-making has always been directed inwards, in the sense of excavating my internal conflicts and turn them into images and, later, movement”, notes the artist. A student of Visual Arts and Physical Education, Dante Olivier uses his knowledge in both areas to play in his artistic productions.

As an artist, he has taken part in many collective exhibitions, such as “Tramações” (2018) at Galeria Capibaribe of the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE) and in “Vazio” (2017) at the João Pernambuco Municipal Art School, in Recife. 


“Sangria PT1” (2019). Sewing on photography.  Dimensions: 18cm x 27cm.

“Sangria PT 2” (2019). Video performance. Images and editing: Dante Olivier. Link: here.

“Nascimento” [“Birth”] (2020). Video performance.  Images: Vitória Gouveia. Editing: Dante Olivier. Link: here.