Céu Isatto

Porto Alegre – RS, 1998

Céu Isatto is a trans, non-binary artist and multi-disciplinary cyborg who seeks, through their work, to research and express visual narratives on issues of identity, otherness, gender, untranslatability, language, (non-)belonging, and affection.

Their current work tends to always escape a bit the borders between different media, and explore transcription, translation, and static noise between  digital and analog mediums.


“Entrelaçar” [“Interweave”] (2021). Print on interwoven paper and leaf found by chance. Dimensions: 17cm x 17 cm.

“Jardim Mutante” [“Mutant Garden”] (2021). Mixed technique. Dimensions: 21cm x 29 cm.

“Me ame” [“Love me”] (2021). Dry pastel on paper. Dimensions: 15cm x 15 cm.