cafira zoé

Itajubá – MG, 1987

“o vão, a flecha, o fluxo. é poeta y artista transmídia. dissidente de gênero. metá-metá. kuir-da-roça.” [“the gap, the arrow, the flux. he is a poet y transmedia artist. gender dissident. metá-metá. queer of the country.”]

cafira zoé has an MA in Clinical Pshycology and Subjectivity Studies from the Pontifícia Universidade Católica of São Paulo, where his advising professor was the philosopher Peter Pál Pelbart. cafira zoé is also a poet, video artist, theater artist, and researcher.

The offspring of a History teacher and a beekeeper, and a child of oxóssi with iansã, he feeds earth’s cosmo-political forces and its insurrections. Since 2015, he has been a multi-media artist at the Teatro Oficina Uzyna Uzona company and now also at the recently created archive arquivo mangue (2020) – a non-heterocentric cell of artistic fermentation for ritual works, living works, and cosmo-politics.

“it’s by having  my body out in the world that i forge the fire of the works i create with images, videos, words, y imagination, with other bodies (humans y non-humans), never being an isolated force, but rather a composition of autonomous forces that penetrate, mark, meet, and are wary of themselves y that pour out onto works that are like flames, small fires, fireflies amongst ruins… a small ecosystem intense and fragile”, says cafira zoé.

Some of the most recent exhibitions cafira zoé has participated in include “O que não é floresta é prisão política” with the site-specific installation “feitiço de espada, ruína y terra, contra terraplana” [“spell of swords, ruins, y earth, against the wasteland”] (São Paulo, 2019-2020), and at Solar dos Abacaxis with the audiovisual installation “tudo que gira é makumba” [“everything that rotates is makumba”] (Rio de Janeiro, 2019). The multi-media activation “para os rios que correm subterrâneos no avesso do céu”  [“for the rivers that run underground in the opposite of the sky”] was a result of his residency at Campo Aberto in Ciclo II of the program Programa Pivô Pesquisa (São Paulo, 2021).


“feitiço de espada, ruína y terra contra terraplana”  [“spell of swords, ruins, y earth, against the wasteland”] (2019). Installation at the gallery Galeria Reocupa, in São Paulo.

“quintal corpo aberto no espaço” [“backyard open body in space”] (2020). Digital photography series.