Benjamin Modrý

Resende –  RJ, 1998

Currently enrolled in the Cultural Production course of the Fluminense Federal University, Benjamin Modrý’s introduction to the art world happened through producing events when he was 17. He gradually fell in love with visual arts and digital drawing. However, it was only after his transition that he ventured to dedicate himself to art. “My art came through my transition, from my confusion, the lack of words, from me not finding myself in distinct faces that I could recognize myself in”, he says.

According to Benjamin Modrý, his works come from a place of despair and they are all self-portraits – through which he allows himself to be confusing and transparent. The faces he draws digitally, using as few lines as possible, purposefully have no defining traces or gender. Often, they are traversed by words and phrases that he’s found precisely during his transition.


“Autorretrato de uma mudança” [“Self-portrait of a change”] (2020). Digital drawing.

“Colo de mãe_Gritos abafados de uma mudança perdida” [“Mother’s lap_Screams from a lost change” ](2020). Digital drawing.

“não te vi na rua ontem” [“I didn’t see you on the street yesterday”] (2020). Digital drawing and digital collage, with original text by the artist.