Ari Correia

São Paulo – SP, 1997

Ari Correia is a musician, artist, and writer, who is currently pursuing a degree in Literature, Arts, and Cultural Mediation from the Federal University of Latin American Integration, in Foz do Iguaçu (PR). In his multi-disciplinary creations, he deals with issues such as gender, depression, and Black love.

The concept of “aesthetics of the mistake” permeates all of his work. This concept was created by the artist himself both to define the style of his creations as well as that of other Latin American artists. It’s characterized by the consideration of “the ugliness of the productions, the error, the creative process as part of the final work; of the art that isn’t white, eurocentric, elitist. In this way, the sublime is stripped from the artwork and the homogeneity of this institution is denied”, explains the artist.

His “aesthetics of the mistake” also exposes real conditions of mixed heritages and of dissident bodies in Latin America, becoming a tool for the portrayal of the pain and consciousness that such legacies and bodies don’t occupy spaces of privilege. “We are not singing in recording studios; we are not editing our video art in Macbooks; we don’t rehearse our plays on stages; we don’t paint with horsehair paint brushes; we don’t have the best instruments. Nonetheless, we come up with makeshift creations, accesses to the horizontalization of Art”, Ari says.

Another main axis of his artistic research is focused on corporeality, especially in the trans body, in the idea of Cyborg as proposed by the US-American Donna Haraway, in the post-human, as well as in the new body. Through plasticity and digital collage, Ari explores the possible outcomes which follow the aesthetics of the mistake to propose a reflection on the corporeality of the other.

In 2020, his work was included in the collection of the Museu Transgênero de História da Arte [Transgender Museum of Art History]. In 2021, he was a resident at the project Residência Periférica [Peripheric Residency], created by the Crioles Dance Co. and with support from the State of São Paulo.


“A condição ciborgue” [“The cyborg condition”] (2020). Technique: Digital collage.

“Distopia” [“Dystopia”] (2020).

“Ventos” [“Winds”]  (2020). Video poetry. Art Direction and Editing: Ari Correia. Poetry: Ari Correia. Participation of: Bárbara Omi, Xayenne Prado Keller, Marina Tubbes, KAI. Duration: 02’ 00”. Available here.