In transit between utopia and mystery, Ana Giselle is a multi-artist, cultural producer, independent curator, body-performance, DJ, creator of Coletividade MARSHA! and an activist for the rights of trans people and travestis in Brazil.

Originally from the state of Pernambuco, she gives life to TRANSÄLIEN, a post-human identity that is a hybrid of an alien and a transsexual, whose performativity re-signifies the erroneous assumptions of immorality attributed to trans bodies and disintegrates socio-cultural values present in the collective imagination.

Through PORTAL TRANSÄLIEN, the artist has developed the concept of “transmedia”: a hybrid work that joins photography, music, text, and video. Her first original movie,  COSMOVERSE ARKSTRA (2020), was commissioned by the institute Instituto Moreira Salles, and is listed in the mapping of Brazilian sci-fi movie productions of the magazine Revista Zanzalá (University of Campinas).


“PORTAL TRANSÄLIEN” [“TRANSÄLIEN PORTAL”] (2020). “Transmedia” performance made for the online exhibition “TRANSVISUAL” at Centro Cultural São Paulo’s website. Photography: Rafa Kennedy.

“CALLING THE ALIENS” [original title in English] (2016). Photo performance made during the exhibition “TransEspécie” at MUTHA (Transgender Museum of Art and History). Photography: Fernando Cysneiros.

“40tine tutorial” (2019-2020). Series of analog photos taken by Candy Mountain.