Fortaleza – CE, 1999

AMORFAS is a multi-media artist and a student of Audiovisual and Cinema at the Federal University of Ceará. She also works as a producer, editor, art director, actress, model, DJ, and stylist.

The media of video, performance, and digital and audio collage, allow her to imagine and experiment with fragmented, opaque, and non-linear narratives and images. For her installations and creations of spaces and textures, the artist has the cell phone as her main tool.

In 2017, AMORFAS was granted a scholarship from the collective Coletivo cOaLHO (Fortaleza), through which she made one-minute videos related to that city. In 2018, she was a curator at Cine Descoberta, which screens documentaries that promote a reflection about the indigenous movements in Latin America. In 2020, AMORFAS participated in the residency Ateliê Aberto do Salão das Ilusões (Fortaleza), researching and creating images, clothing, and objects. During the quarantine, she made the “Trilogia da laz” [“Trilogy of light”], comprised of the videos “quebrante” [“evil-eye”], “vulto turvo” [“turbid shadow”] e “superfície” [“surface”]. During this period, she also made the collage series “amorfas morfa” [“amorfas morphs”]. Currently, she’s developing research with the use of cell phones to create collages, gifs, and videos.


“amorfas morfa” [“amorfas morphs”] (2020). Digital photomontage.

“oq fizeram cmg depois de morta” [“wut they did 2 me after i died”] (2019). Video installation. Production, Storyline, Editing, and Sound: benisepssia. Photography: Evelyne Alves and benisepssia. Duration: 09’ 45”. Available here.

“Trilogia da luz”: “vultoturvo”, “quebrante” e “superfície” [“Trilogy of light”: “turbid shadow”, “evil-eye”, and “surface”](2020). Videos. Production, Photography, Performance, Soundtrack, and Editing: benisepssia. Available here.