Amora Ju

Caieiras – SP, 1985

With a degree in Visual Arts from the Federal University of Pelotas (RS), Amora Ju lives and works as a visual artist and art educator in Joanopolis (SP). She is currently an undergraduate student at the Technology, Subjectivity, and Politics program of CLACSO, and she is also concluding a post-graduate degree in Media, Information, and Culture at the University of São Paulo.

Her practices of representation move within a questioning sensibility and a dissident body, which reveal autobiographical fragments through multiple artistic modalities. 

Though a travesti art form, Amora Ju’s series of prints, paintings, and video art suggest discourses about the realm of memory and affections. The expressive character of her works connects to her personal experience through the human figure, nature, and portraits, weaving them with creative gestures in handmade prints and experimental drawings. Through her creative processes, the artist re-signifies everyday materials, employing an array of techniques that range from collages to experimental edits in her videos.


“Concreto e Ruínas” + “Ultraderecha troll” + “Corpo e Território” [“Concrete and Ruins” + Ultraright troll” + “Body and Territory”] (2020-2021).  Art direction and Editing: Amora Ju, Beat.zzz, Ruidosa Alma.  Texts: Amora Ju and Rafael Leopoldo. Duration: 17’ 53”. Available here.

“Tempo: Permanência” [“Time: Permanence”] (2020). Series of collage, drawing, and watercolor on paper. Dimensions: 29cm x 21cm. 

“Isto não é sobre nós” [“This isn’t about us”] (2019). Screen printing and collage on paper. Dimensions: 100cm x 89cm.