L, Absent non-artist

Nowhere, 2020-

Invisible amateur post-persona. Contemporary movement of what isn’t: blank, null, the vacuum, the void. Actions of nothingness, deconstruction of materialities, the non-being as focus and presence as absence. Nothing here, no one. Censorship, never again! Rest in peace, Luluca L (1979-2020).


Uniforme do Clube de Coisa Nenhuma. Para quem não é e nem quer ser. Um clássico unissex – tamanho único [Uniform of the Club of No Thing. For who isn’t and doesn’t want to be. A unisex classic – one size fits all](2021). T-shirt. 02 of the series Sublim(e)ação [Sublim[e]a[c]tion]. (An artwork/product that cannot be bought or used).

“Sobre todas as coisas que não são” [“About all the things that aren’t”] (2021). Invitation via social media post for the opening of a virtual and interactive exhibition of works by L, non-artist. It’s a project financed by no law for cultural incentive at the municipal, state, and federal levels, for an exhibition that doesn’t exist and will never happen. 

“Previsão dismórfica” [“Dysmorphic prediction”] (2021). Video in loop with the tranexâmico mantra “Acabar é o espaço do novo” [“To end is the space of the new”]. Duration: 01’ 23”.  Available here

“Sem título. Nada sobre nada” [Untitled. Nothing about nothing] (2021). 02 of the series It’s not an artwork. NFT. 2633 x 1542 px. Available here.