Guilhermina Augusti

São Paulo, 1996

Currently a Philosophy major at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Guilhermina Augusti also dedicates their efforts to writing and to academic research in Arts. Previously, they studied at the art school Escola Livre de Artes da Maré (ELÃ), and participated in the Training Progam in Digital Media from the Darcy Ribeiro School of Cinema – both in Rio de Janeiro.

In their artistic creations, the portrayal of nude bodies of racialized subjects and of subjects who “deviate from the sex/gender system” stand out due both to their aesthetic power as well as for being weapons for reflection on social issues and against the normative cisgender fallacy. 

Their art and research elaborate on political disputes of power, and also on the time and space of bodies that find themselves in the “colonial crossroads”, as Guilhermina Augusti says. “I use nudity as a space of tension that exists between the object-body and the object-world. I point out the politics that remain in place so that this object-body is received by the object-world as a potential threat to its forms of power, which correspond to necropolitical structures”, they conclude.


“Tarântula” [“Tarantula”] (2019). Digital drawing.

“Sem título” [“untitled”] (2018). Digital drawing.

“Anúncio arcaico” [“Archaic announcement”] (2019). Acrylic paint on fabric. Dimensions: 160cm x 120 cm.